Packages & Prices

Upon registration, you can test our service for two days. If you are satisfied, you can continue by purchasing any of our inexpensive packages listed below. All prices are in USD.

100 Mb1$5
100 Mb6$28
100 Mb12$54
200 Mb1$10
200 Mb6$54
200 Mb12$102
300 Mb12$155
300 Mb6$80
300 Mb1$15
500 Mb1$24
500 Mb6$130
500 Mb12$250
750 Mb1$36
1000 Mb1$48
2000 Mb1$96
3000 Mb1$140
* Note: The "Space" is referred to the storage space reserved for your products. The bandwidth is unlimited: you can sell an unlimited number of products with any package.

No hidden fees: Our service doesn't apply charges or fees per sales/downloads. The only cost of our service is the package cost as mentioned in the above table. It's only a fixed monthly, half-year or yearly cost depending of the selected package.