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Frequently Asked Questions

Find below answers to the frequently asked questions:

Q: How can I sell a product that contains multiple files?

A: You can put all the files into a single ZIP file.

Q: Any particular requirement for the Paypal account?

A: Your PayPal account must be set up to accept un-encripted payments (this is the default configuration).

Q: How do I receive the payment?

A: Your customers will pay always directly to your Paypal, Google Checkout or Moneybookers email address, so you will get the money instantaneously and directly to your Paypal, Google Checkout or Moneybookers account.

Q: Are there any charges or fees per download?

A: Our service doesn't apply charges or fees per sales/downloads. The only cost of our service is the package cost as mentioned in our price list. It's only a fixed monthly, half-year or yearly cost depending of the selected package. The starter package costs only us$5 per month.

Q: Is there a set-up fee?

A: No setup fee. No hidden fees.

Q: I need to offer a free download. Is this a possibility?

A: Unfortunately at the present moment we cannot host free downloads.

Q: Any recommendation related to selling MP3 files?

A: We recommend to zip the files to facilitate the downloads, this way you can avoid some music players (like QuickTime) that try to intercept the mp3 file to play it instead starting the download.

Q: Is there a bandwidth limit?

A: The bandwidth is unlimited: you can sell an unlimited number of products with any package.

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